Playa Cas Abou a.k.a. Bon-Bini Beach

Cas Abou beach has been recently listed as one of the "10 Best Beach Destinations for 2011" in a Yahoo! Travel Article!!

Popular with both locals and tourists. In the weekends Cas Abou is one of the most crowded beaches. But the reason is simple: it's a beautiful beach!



  • Even though it can be crowded in the weekends this beach can carry allot of people. If you're an early bird then you have a chance at getting some great spots with free shades from the palm tree's!
  • As with the beach Porto Marie, Cas Abou also features a diner with a varied menu.
  • Nowadays there are also watersport facilities available.
  • While on the beach itself you can take a free salsa lesson or get a relaxing seaside massage.
  • If you go on a weekday you have a good chance at encountering a quiet beach. This means relaxation all around!