Playa Forti a.k.a. WestPunt or West Point Beach

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Playa Forti, als known as WestPunt or West Point Beach is for many a stopping point for a place to relax, take pictures or take a jump (litterly!, see photo or clip) in the water. Most of the times this beach has little to no people swimming here but that can be a different story if you go on a sunday or a national holiday day. Here you will also find yourself with black sand (one of the 3 beaches of Curacao that has black sand).


  • Free Entrance 24/7
  • There is a small place where you can grab something to eat/drink. Menu choices are very limited though.
  • Here you can find the highest (safest) point to take a jump in the water. The height of this jump is 12 meters (40 feet) .Take a look at the pictures in the gallery or watch the clip.