Playa Hulu Beach

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Playa Hulu Beach is a very small, but beautifull, beach on the upper-westside of Curacao. Here you will get privacy at it's best. The road to this beach is closed so the only way to come here is by boat or by foot. We recommend by boat though because of the long distance that you will have to walk by foot. Playa Hulu is perfect if you are looking for a place to have a small beach for yourself but it is also a precious snorkeling location.


  • The best way to get here is by boat. You can ask Captain Goodlife, owner of "Let's Go! Watersports" for a ride.
  • Remember to bring your snorkel! This is one of the few untouched beaches left that Curacao has to offer.
  • There is little to NO sunshade here. So bring a good sunprotector lotion.
  • As it is a deserted beach, there are no facalities available.