Vaersenbaai Beach

If you're an advanced diving enthusiast then this beach is for you. It offers one of the best diving experiences on the island. If you are an advanced diver then you can visit the "underwater junkyard" that lays a couple of minutes offshore. Here you will find car wrecks, ship wrecks and even crane wrecks.  It is also very adequate for snorkeling. If you are searching for relaxation and just a little swimming, then I won't recommend this beach.

Does not work with regular shedule so it could be closed       


  • Open daily from 10:00 untill 18:00
  • Entrance free for swimmers. Divers require a 2$ p.p. fee.
  • There is a small place where you can grab something too bit. It's not open every day though.
  • There is not much shading
  • Can sometimes be closed when their is a private event. The terrain is property of the local police department.