Blauw Baai - Blue Bay Beach

Blauw Baai or Blue Bay beach is a great beach that offers you many facilities. It is located right at the center of Curacao and can easily be reached by car. It features a restaurant, pool,dive school etc. The beach itself was first only accessible for the people of the resort (BlueBay Village) . Since the last couple of years everyone can gain access to this beach. There is a fee though and it is not the cheapest one (when comparing it to the other beaches on Curacao). On the pluside though you will get allot back in return.




  • As said, there is a entrance fee. This is approximately 8$ per person. It does not include any rental chairs or other facilities.
  • An ideal beach to bring your kids to because of the man-made reef which blocks high waves.
  • Allot of palm-tree's so shading galore.
  • If you still want to be at a beach but wishes to swim in a pool then here you will have the opportunity (see photo).
  • Once you have paid the entrance fee at the gate then you can be sure that your car is safe as the whole village has a 24/7 surveillance.
  • There is a pretty large restaurant located right on the beach where you can grab a bite.
  • Imagine getting a massage right on the beach. Blue Bay offers you that possibility!