Klein Curacao - Little Curacao Beach

Even though this beach is not located on Curacao itself it is still a part of Curacao. This beach is located on a very small isolated island about 20 miles east of Curacao. It is accessible by boat and the trip to Little Curacao lasts about 2 to 3 hours (depending on the wind). This island features a beautiful coastline that is pure paradise.  There are a couple of companies that organize boattrips to Klein Curacao and you can find more info about them at the bottom of this page. If your visit to Curacao is more then 10 days then it is highly recommended to visit this island.



  • As stated, you can not get here by yourself. You can go by boat or by helicopter (Blue Skies).
  • The trip by boat can sometimes be pretty rough. If you are vurnable to sea-sickness be sure to buy some pills ahead!
  • Most of the boattrips offer all-inclusive prices. This means that you will get a breakfast, BBQ at midday and also drinks. Definitely recommended because you don't want to be carrying a lot of stuff to this island.
  • Once you are on Little Curacao there are a couple of huts. Some day, when there are more then 2 boattrips to the island you will not find a hut or other shading easily. So be sure to bring a good sun protection lotion or your own parasol.
  • A trip to this island/beach will last you a day. The boat often leaves Curacao at around 7AM and returns at about 5PM
  • TIP: There is a lighthouse on the island and it comes straight out of a horror-film. Still, it is worth a visit because of its eery surrounding with the contrast of a beautifull beach just some minutes away. Don't enter this building though because it is in bad state!
  • Further North-East of the island you will also find yourself a stranded ship that is falling appart. Also a tip to visit but watch out for rusty parts that are on the shore.
  • Lately allot of kite-surfers have been visiting this island because of the perfect wind-conditions that you will find here.
  • Because of the crystal-clear water it is highly recommended to go snorkeling here and also diving. The visibility here can sometimes reach 100+ feet making it one of the top diving location that belongs to Curacao
  • Since this beach, on the south-west side of the Klein / Little Curacao, is pretty long; you can pick a great spot to relax. That is why this beach is in the top 3 of the most relaxing beaches!

Companies that offer boattrips to Klein / Little Curacao:

Miss Ann (Motor Boat)

The Mermaid (Motor Boat)

Insulinde (Sailing Ship)

Bounty Adventures (Catamaran)