Groot Knip Baai a.k.a. Playa Kenepa Grandi or Playa Abou

This beach is the most known beach on the island. It is featured on alot of postcards and that has a simple reason, it's a beautifull beach. Very popular with both the locals and tourists.

Does not work with a regular schedule so it might be closed!   

curacao beach knip kenepa groot playa abou

  • One of the longest beach on the island, thus allot of people can visit it without bumping into each other.
  • Is surrounded by high rocks, as with most beaches on Curaçao. This is a great opportunity to test you diving skill from a rock!
  • Free entrance 24/7
  • GREAT location to take pictures. It is also featured on allot of postcards.
  • Beautiful for snorkeling.
  • Not allot of rocks in the water so it's perfect for going with the kids.