Playa Boka Santu Pretu

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Playa Boka Santu Pretu beach is one of it's kind on the island. This secluded beach does not have white sand as most of the other beaches on Curacao and thus the name "Santu Pretu". Litterly this means "Black Sand". Since the road to acces this beach is closed it is most of the times deserted. Luckily you can still get here by foot (about a 10 minute walk) or by boat offcourse. It is one of the prettiest location to go snorkeling because of the presence of rocks. I wouldn't recommend this beach to you if you're looking for a place to take a quick swim. Also the lack of facilities (none) does not make it popular with the common beachgoer. But this does not mean that it's still a very beautifull location to certainly take a look at if you want some privacy and great snorkeling!


  • As stated, the road to get here by car is closed (private terrain). You can still access this location by foot and that is as following: go to playa Santa Cruz. At the left side of this beach you have the cabin of Captain Goodlife, also called "Let's Go! Watersports". Behind this there is a small path that leads up to the rocks (see photo). This path will take you to Playa Santu Pretu. Beware of the many cactusses and sharp pines though.
  • Since there is not much shading at Santu Pretu and also because of the black sand it can get VERY hot here at midday. Be sure to bring a good sun protection lotion.
  • When entering the water be sure to pay attention where to step because of the many sea urchin's that are present here.